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Code of Conduct
This Code of Conduct will not supersede any other applicable legal or regulatory requirements of the country in which the Company carries out its business operations.

Compliance of code  

The Human Resources department will act as Compliance Office for the code and will make sure the compliance of this code of conduct. In case of any queries and problems or issues relating to the compliance of this code one should contact with compliance office set up under this code of conduct. The Compliance Office is responsible for educating, training and developing understanding of the code to all the employees. The compliance office shall ensure that there are no breaches of the code and code is being followed by the employees. It is responsibility of all employees to read, understand and apply this code during his day to day affairs.
If any employee fails to comply with this code of conduct he may be subjected to disciplinary action including the termination from employment. Disciplinary actions may vary depending on the severity of the matter in question, employee’s previous record, years of service and duties performed by him.

Following is the code of conduct for employees

1) Health and safety

Colony Mills Limited arranges a safe working environment for its employees in its business premises. The safety of employees, customers and general public is the important matter on the Company’s production facilities, offices and any other place where the Company carries out its business processes. Employees are required to strictly abide by the safety policies and procedures. In case of any injuries during the duty to the non-employees and property of the company the employees should immediately report to their seniors or managers.

2) Fitness and attendance

Employees must be mentally and physically fit for their duties. To perform their duties efficiently and effectively the employees must not use un-prescribed medicine which impairs their abilities to perform duties. An employee must inform to his senior or supervisor if he is unable to come on duty. To ensure the compliance with the fitness and reporting and an employee should have the contact information of his senior or manager.

3) Antidiscrimination

Colony Mills Limited will maintain an environment that is free from discrimination and where all employees are given due respect. Discrimination is any action that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment. Discrimination includes the actions including sexual harassment, disparaging comments on the basis of gender, religion, race or ethnicity. The Company will take appropriate measures to ensure an environment where there is no discrimination on the work place. Every employee has the right to be protected from any kind of harassment. The principles of equal treatment apply on all the employees during daily dealings with each other and to all processes relating to the working relationship. The same principles apply to the employees during the process of appointment, promotions and performance of duties.

4) Environmental protection

In order to protect the environment, employees should:
  • Ensure that Company’s facilities and processes are operated in a manner so as to ensure the trust of society at all.
  • Protect the resources minimization of waste material and the minimization of the release of hazardous materials into the environment.
  • Provide the employees customers, suppliers, government authorities and related communities with appropriate information and decision making.
  • Improve environmental protection and awareness about the environment.

5) Weapons and workplace violence

Employee should not engage in acts of threats and violence. It is the duty of an employee to maintain a safe and secure workplace and avoid acts or threats of physical violence, intimidation, harassment or coercion, stalking, sabotage, and similar activities. An employee must not bring or use any type of weapon on the Company owned or leased premises whether he is on job or off duty he is authorized and has a legitimate business reason to do so. Employees found responsible to be engaged in such activities will be subjected to disciplinary actions including termination from job.

6) Protection and use of Company’s assets

Employees should exercise their business judgment and should protect the Company's assets and ensure the efficient use of these assets during the performance of their duties. Employees should follow the acquisition, use, maintenance and disposal policies of the Company regarding these assets.
All Company assets must be used for business purposes of the Company only. Employees may use the Company assets on limited basis with the permission of the senior or managers.

7) Information system security

Employees are responsible for ensuring the security of the Company’s computers and information system by complying with the Company's information technology policy and procedures. It is the responsibility of an employee that he:
  • Doesn’t share passwords or other access details with other employees and doesn't use another employee's password.
  • Uses only approved and licensed or purchased software on the Company’s computer systems.
  • Connect only the Company’s computers and equipment to the Company’s computer networks.
  • Doesn't attack security controls on a computer system of the Company or Company’s computer network.
  • Doesn't access or download irrelevant websites, materials and files.

8) Use of social media sites

Use of social networking sites is common among many people to share the information. Employees of Colony Mills Limited are prohibited to share the information through social media channels on behalf of the Company unless they are officially designated Company spokesperson whether they are using the company’s or personal systems or devices. If an employee contravenes the Company’s policy and shares any information related to Company he is personally accountable and liable for the consequences. The Company does not take any responsibility for such unauthorized disclosure of information.

9) Fairness in dealing

Employees of Colony Mills Limited are expected to deal fairly with the customers, suppliers, competitors, officers and other fellow employees of the Company on all levels. No employee should take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair dealing practices. An employee must not accept or receive gifts from any of the customers, stakeholders, suppliers, bankers and other employees of the Company.

10) Discouragement of Bribes

The Company discourages any kind of bribes or other payments in cash or kind to obtain business or any other advantage whether payments or offers are made directly or through any intermediary. The company maintains the high standards of integrity and business ethics.

11) Confidentiality of Information

Employees are prohibited from keeping copies of correspondence, documents, papers and records, list of suppliers or consumers without proper authorization of management of the Company. Company’s information and records should be kept on Company premises and unpublished information may be disclosed to any individual and organization with prior Management advice.

12) Corporate governance

Colony Mills Limited makes compliance with the requirements of all governmental and regulatory bodies and is committed to high standards of corporate governance. The Company is fully compliant to its obligations under the Listing Rules of Stock Exchange being a listed member.

13) Financial reporting compliance

Colony Mills Limited ensures compliance with accepted accounting rules and procedure at all times. In addition all transactions must be properly and fully recorded and properly authorized. Records and document are not false or misleading and no undisclosed and unrecorded account, fund or asset is established. Corporate payment are approved or made with the supporting document and for the purpose of the Company’s business. Information provided to the external auditors must be complete and is not misleading in any way.

14) Alcohol, Drug and Gambling

Employees are prohibited from using alcohol and drugs within the Company premises. Also the employees are expected not to involve themselves in any kind of gambling and drugs during their duties and also off duty.

15) Prohibition of Insider Trading

Executives are prohibited from dealing in the shares of the Company whether directly or indirectly during the closed period before the financial results are announced. The closed periods normally starts from the day when any document, which form the basis of price sensitive information, is sent to the Board and ends on the day when the information is available to public.
If an executive of the Company or his spouse transact directly or indirectly in shares of the Company in before or after the Closed Period he shall immediately communicate in writing to the Company Secretary of such transaction. Executive dealing so shall also deliver a written record of the price, number of shares, form of share certificates and the nature of transaction to the Company Secretary within four days of effecting the transaction.


Any contravention of this Code by the employees will be investigated by the Compliance Office. It will also be investigated externally in the Pakistani courts of law and actions will be taken in the light of labor laws and decisions of the Courts.

This code is the source of guidance for conduct and applies to all employees including managers, staff and workers of Colony Mills Limited. Employees are required to follow the code of conduct. It is the responsibility of all the employees to read, understand and apply this code in performing their duties and their day to day affairs.