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Colony Textile Mills Limited (CTM) is the pioneer in the production of superior quality yarns and fabrics in Pakistan. CTM was established as a textile manufacturing unit on January 12, 2011, and acquired “Colony Mills Limited” and Colony Industries (Pvt) Limited in 2014. Colony Textile Mills Limited was the principal company established as a textile manufacturing unit in 1946 which was later merged with and into Colony Mills Limited in 2006.

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Corporate Strategy

We create value for our stakeholders while maintaining our competitive position.

We are committed to materializing our goal of adopting production techniques, developing new and innovative products, entering new markets and fostering a culture that supports initiatives at all levels of decision-making.

Our Vision

To become a global leader and a pioneer in the textile manufacturing industry as a dynamic, profitable and growth oriented corporation.

Our Mission

To drive growth by excelling in human resource and technology, achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and to innovate towards a more sustainable future.

The Difference

Technology does not run an enterprise, relationships do!

Business Divisions

What we have to offer with cutting edge technology

What we have to offer with cutting edge technology


Our spinning units are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and lab equipment to test every step of the process, ensuring high quality and consistency throughout our diverse product range.

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Catering to the apparel sector on one end and the home textiles sector on the other, our plant produces approximately 60 million yards of fabric per annum.

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As a wholly owned subsidiary of Colony Textile Mills Limited, StitchRite (Private) Limited is operating as a 100% Export oriented Workwear Stitching Unit since 2019, with state of the art machinery from well- known brands including Juki, Kansai and IMA-Italy.

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